Monday 1 December 2014

MH17 Wreckage Begins its Final Journey

The wreckage from flight MH17 began its final journey to the Netherlands this morning (Dec 1st) according to the Dutch Safety Board. The first of several truck convoys will depart the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv where the wreckage has been stored since investigators recovered substantial parts of the aircraft nearly two weeks ago.

Throughout this week the Dutch Safety Board will oversee Ministry of Defence personnel load several truck convoys which will then make their way by road across Europe to Gilze Rijen Air Base in the Netherlands.

It is there that investigators will finally begin their critical examination and reconstruction of part of the aircraft. The first of these convoys will arrive at the Gilze Rijen Air Base next week. The exact date will be announced prior to its arrival.

Logistics specialists from the Ministry of Defence advised the Dutch Safety Board that the best option for transportation was by road due to the size of some aircraft parts. Much smaller parts remain at the several sites spread across three villages in Eastern Ukraine. It is thought unlikely investigators will recover any more wreckage and local contractors will remove what wreckage remains.

The Dutch Safety Board delivered its preliminary report earlier this year, stating that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 carrying 298 passengers and crew was brought down by an external force. It is due to deliver its final report in 2015.

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