Air Asia QZ8501 Was Not Equipped With Satcom

♠ Posted by Unknown in , at Monday, December 29, 2014
Aviation and safety expert David Soucie noted an interesting observation today on CNN in a discussion about missing AirAsia Flight 8501. In the overflow of media interest about the state of modern aircraft tracking, it's something that should not be easily passed over.

Take a look at the following images; one of AirAsia QZ8501, and two more images of a Virgin Australia and Airbus library photograph of an A320. Spot the difference?

QZ8501 - No SATCOM Box

Virgin Australia with SATCOM Box
A320 with SATCOM Box

What Soucie noted was the absence of SATCOM on QZ8501.

What is SATCOM?

You will find a pretty good explanation at this link.

It is just one more piece of equipment that makes the search for missing aircraft that much easier...


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