Sunday 17 August 2014

MH17: So Much For The Fighter Plane Evidence

What's been most disturbing about articles like this linked one from Global Research, is how all their "evidence" and journalistic delivery has been driven by their own bias. So much of the "fighter plane" evidence is all drawn back to, a completely unreliably source of evidence that pretends to be an academic institution, and is nothing more than a pro-Russian media company.

Unlike the writer of this piece, I've resourced satellite images of the crash site, looked at countless images of debris taken in the opening hours of downed MH17, mapped the site with parts of aircraft, identified parts of the aircraft, and nothing supports his claims. Claims of fighter jets (SU25) that can fly at 33,000, taking down the jet are nonsense. SU25s use heat seeking missiles, that hit the hottest point of a target - the engines! Both engines fell in the same main burn field at the latter end of the crash site. No engines were hit or fell off the aircraft at the initial point the aircraft was disabled by a proximity missile at the forward point.

The crash site confirms exactly as you would expect, that the first debre fall occured on the front part of the airplane, and the remaining part of the plane flew on for several kilometres before decending.

Another nonsense story put out is that holes in the front part of the aircraft show 30mm canon file because of the evidence of blast bending holes inward and outward. Suggesting cannon fire from left and right, and even the suggestion that there were two fighter jets. Again, rubbish. A massive decompression will cause forces in an aircraft like an inward "air" explosion, causing fragemented metal to sheer the cabin and burst outward.

The crash site tells the real story. It does not need politically motivated and bias "experts" to create their own story of what they *think* happened.

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